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Relief For Migraine Sufferers With Development Of New Drug

In the past there hasn't been many options for people who suffer from migraines, with many pain killers and natural remedies failing to work for a number of those affected.

But there is now new hope for migraine sufferers with a new designer drug coming onto the market to help prevent the illness that affects the lives of up to three million Australians.

"We really think these are going to be game changers in the way we treat people's migraines," said Dr Lauren Giles, a Neuurologist at Austin Health in Melbourne.

The drug is called Erenumab and it's said to target calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP), a chemical in the brain which is believed to trigger migraines as it rises in the blood.

"It has been shown that CGRP itself brings on migraines so if someone has a high level of that molecule in their brain or peripheral nerves they may develop a migraine," said Dr Giles.

The treatment, which involves monthly injections, is currently in a Phase 3 trial at Austin Health in Melbourne and is showing promising results for moderate to severe migraine sufferers.

This news comes as a sign of relief for migraine sufferers as Dr Giles has said that many migraine preventers such as blood pressure tablets, antidepressants and epilepsy drugs don't always work.

"Many patients find they're not that effective for their migraine but also the side effects are really intolerable," said Dr Giles.

The trial is set to be completed in a few months and there are hopes that the Erenumab will be available to patients by half way through next year.

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