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Remain Calm But It Looks Like Instagram Is BROKEN

If you’re heading out for a hipster brekkie this morning and you were keen to upload a cute pic of your latte art or acai bowl to your Insta feed or story, well we hate to break it to you but we highly doubt that it’s going to happen!

From the looks of things there is a massive issue with Instagram this morning with the highly popular social media app not allowing user to upload anything to their page or story.

When a user attempts to post a photo or video it tells the user that the upload has failed and to try again. People’s feeds appear to be loading properly at the moment but pretty soon there’s going to be nothing new to view here with no one able to upload their latest grams.

Social media users have since been going nuts on Twitter this morning complaining about the issue.

Instagram have not yet addressed the issue themselves or announced when the issue will be fixed but we will update you when we hear more details.

Looks like there’s going to be lots of people with spare time on their hands this morning until the issue is fixed…

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