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Woman Who Flipped Off Trump Gets The Sack

For Trump-denouncers the world over, this is a story of triumph and overcoming the monster.

Juli Briskman, a 50-year-old government contract worker was going about her usual morning bike ride in Northern Virginia when she happened to cycle past President Donald Trump’s vehicle.  

Without hesitation, Juli simply saluted Trump with her middle finger.

The heroic act was captured on a camera and soon went viral. Juli has now become an internet sensation and her actions were considered to be fighting adversity.

However her employers didn’t seem to be happy with image and immediately told her they would be letting her go for violating their social media policy. This caused some uproar online and, of course, started debates.

After being asked why she did it, her answer was simple, she like many other Americans were fed up with the way Trump had been running the country since being elected the President.

In the end she did not care that it cost her, her job. She’s just glad she got to get her message across to him and the nation. 

By Josh Semaan

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