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Rookie Policeman Saves Newborn Baby

Some quick thinking by a rookie police officer has helped a newborn baby at the Flinders Medical Centre overnight.

About 7.45pm on Tuesday, 21 August a probationary constable and his partner were at the hospital on an unrelated matter, when they saw a sedan drive quickly up the ramp to the emergency department, with the driver repeatedly beeping the car horn.

When police went over to the car they saw a woman holding her baby daughter that had just been born in the car, but the infant was not breathing.

The probationary constable picked up the baby and gently patted and rubbed her back until the baby started breathing.

She was then passed to hospital staff and along with her mother was admitted to hospital. The senior constable later called the hospital to check on the welfare of mother and child, and she was informed they were both safe and healthy.

Despite emergency birth procedures not currently being part of the Police Academy curriculum, this is a great example of two police officers thinking quickly and assisting people in need.


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