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Royal Announcement Over Prince Philip Confirmed

It was the staff meeting which gripped the world.

After a day of heavy speculation, the BBC has confirmed that Prince Philip, 95, is stepping down from public engagements.

Earlier, rumours that all Palace staff had been summoned to an emergency meeting at three o'clock on Thursday morning (GMT) had begun to circulate just after 10am AEST, followed by reports that the Royal residence's flag was flying at half-mast.

However, despite speculation that the news was regarding either Queen Elizabeth II or Prince Philip's wellbeing, the BBC later officially confirmed that the meeting had nothing to do with their health.

UK tabloid The Sun had been somewhat trigger-happy with their online publication, mistakingly posting suggesting that Prince Philip had died. The story, 'How did the Duke of Edinburgh die, etc etc' was pulled, but remained searchable on Google.

Juliet Rieden, editor of The Australian Women's Weekly, told us that such meetings were normal.

"The Lord Chamberlain holds all staff meetings for the Royal household once or twice a year, so it is not unprecedented for the whole team to come together for a morning meeting," Ms Rieden said.

"But hysteria regarding possible death announcements are just that, hysteria."

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