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Salim Mehajer's Sister Has Been Struck Off As A Lawyer

The sister of disgraced businessman Salim Mehajer's has been struck off the roll of lawyers after allegedly deceiving the Federal Court.

Solicitor Zenah Osman, who was the director of Mehajer Legal Group, told the court that she had worked for a number of creditors for her brother's collapsed development company.

A NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal found Ms Osman 'knew or ought to have known' her claim about acting for the creditors 'was false', with the tribunal saying there was 'no evidence' she had learnt from her mistakes following the July 2014 incident.

The three-member tribunal declared, 'It is trite to say that a legal practitioner misleading a court in which she or he appears must be amongst the most egregious misconduct that a legal professional can commit'  

The law firm acting on behalf of the liquidators of Mehajer's SM Project Developments contacted Ms Osman saying that they had been contacted by people she reportedly represented who 'advised us that you do not act for them'.

Osman claimed she didn't know anything about the liquidation and claimed that it involved 'some sort of dodgy deal'.

Ms Osman told the tribunal, 'They needed me and my letterhead. I didn't even get paid. They lied to me'

Ms Osman has been struck off the roll and was ordered to pay New South Wales Law Society's costs.

Ms Osman has represented her brother in court numerous times, including Salim was accused of refusing to pay $1 million in tax to the ATO.

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