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Santa Allegedly Banned From Visiting Children’s Hospital

STORY UPDATE: After reports that Monash Children's Hospital in Melbourne has banned Santa from visiting sick kids, Monash have released the following statement.

Santa Claus visits Monash Children’s Hospital every year!

In fact, we have a great relationship with Santa, who visits every Christmas Day and will continue to leave presents for every child!

This happens every year, and will continue to do so.

What we’ve done is speak to the Elves to make sure that we don’t have Santa visit multiple times a day.

We get lots of calls from amazingly generous people wanting to bring Santa into the wards, and he’s always keen to visit.

But as you can imagine we can’t really let Santa visit multiple times every day in December. It might be a bit confusing for our patients.

We also get lot of awesome people donating toys at Christmas time.

Our Monash Health Foundation are happy to receive donated gifts.

There are a few basic requirements to make sure they’re appropriate and not an infection control risk, but we try to help every toy find a home with a child.

- - - 

A man, who works in patient transport for Ambulance services in Victoria, told a local radio station in Melbourne that his daughter had been collecting presents for sick kids. His daughter's dream was to spread the Christmas spirit by getting her father to dress up as Santa to hand out the gifts to children at the hospital.

After spending some time at the hospital with her sick young child, and seeing the pain that so many children were going through, she wanted to help spread the Christmas spirit.

According to the radio station, the hospital's policy has recently changed, and they no longer allow visitors to hand out gifts to children at their bedside. 

The hospital reportedly the decision is to "protect our patients from cross infection" and to "respect their privacy".

Of course, some children may be too sick and need to be isolated, but commenters have been left wondering if the has taken things too far. 

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