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Sicko Scammers Are Targeting Bushfire Victims On Facebook

Scammers are targeting vulnerable Victorian bushfire victims. 

Police are urging the public to be very wary of bogus offers of free accommodation on forums and social media.

One scam is targeting Marketplace and 'Buy Swap Sell' groups on Facebook.    

The poster, posing as a refugee father offers bushfire victims free housing as long as they need. 

Variations of the same ad from different accounts have been circulated around at least five Facebook groups, with the suburb 'he' claims to live in changed in each ad. 

The wording of the post is identical except the poster is different and the suburb has changed.

Casey Crime Investigation Unit detective Sergeant Andrew Payne warned bushfire victims to be on alert:

“If you’re affected by the fire and need help don’t seek it online always go through reputable agencies,” he said.

“The public should report anything they think may be a scam to Scamwatch.”

You can report scams here.

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