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Snake Has Shoe Surgically Removed From Stomach


A snake has undergone surgery to remove a man’s slipper it had mistaken for lunch in Brisbane.

A man and a relative had called snake-catching couple Sally and Norman Hill, of N&S Snake Catcher, after discovering the python which had a huge bulge in its belly.

That bulge turned out to be the man’s missing slipper, which had disappeared earlier in the week.

Norman said he could feel the sole of the slipper through the snake’s skin and his wife had a theory on how it got there.


"My opinion is a rat or possum crawled all over the slipper, or peed on it, or maybe there was a rat or mice in it and the snake saw it," she told the ABC.

"This is the first encounter we've had with a snake that's eaten a slipper, or anything strange. Normally it's possum, or even a cat, or a dog, or a chicken. But a slipper is a new one."

The reptile underwent surgery to have it removed on Monday afternoon, and it’s pretty spectacular...

The surgery went for about an hour.

If the snake hadn’t been caught, it may not have survived.

"The slipper would stay in the stomach because it won't digest, and that would lead to some serious problems like stomach diseases and ulcers or infection,” HerpVet director Dr Josh Llinas said.

"It wouldn't eat for a while either, and that could lead to it potentially starving to death.

The snake may have thrown it up, but as the shoe wasn’t moving, surgery was required.

The nope rope snake is apparently recovering well.


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