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Student Emails Every Girl On Campus With The Same Name

Ah Tinder. The app that can make or break a relationship just by swiping right..

For Hayden Moll of America's Missouri State University, swiping the opposite way, has caused him to become quite the viral sensation.


Image: Facebook

The student was recently using the app to find some on-campus lovin' when he accidentally swiped the wrong way on a girl named "Claudia".

I know what you're thinking - we've all been there. It was an accident! No, swipe back! Swipe back! 

Because actually, Hayden liked the look of Claudia and wanted to match with her.

So instead of paying $20 like any sane human to just "go back" he found a rather, umm, interesting solution.

In a rather desperate attempt to find this "Claudia", Hayden decided to email every single person at the school with the same name. All 26,000 of them.

“Hello all Claudia’s (sic) of Missouri State,” he wrote. “I made a rookie mistake on Tinder. I accidentally swiped left on Claudia’s profile (left is bad) and I really wanted to swipe right.”

Hayden then described the profile and asked for the real Claudia to please stand up...or just respond with "left" or "right". Ya know, maybe they could go "get some donuts or something"...

Well, the attempts of Hayden have since gone viral and Claudia even shared the email on Twitter.

Others took to the socials to weigh in on the charming and or/ desperado attempt at love.

While it's clear these two are enjoying their newfound fame, we have one question...

Did she reply with left or right?

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