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Sunday Night Set To Expose 60 Minutes Scandal

Just when they thought the dust had finally settled on their botched child recovery attempt, 60 Minutes is once again being dragged into the spotlight.

This time it's Sunday Night turning up the heat.

The Channel 7 program is talking to Adam Whittington, the child recovery expert left behind in a Lebanon jail following the abduction scandal.

So far Whittington hasn’t held back with his criticism after watching the 60 Minutes team settle their own legal battles while he was “left to rot in a Beirut prison”.

In the promo for the explosive tell all, Sunday Night promises to share “what they didn’t want the world to know about the Beirut child-snatch gone wrong”.

When asked how much of the operation was his fault, Whittington doesn’t hold back.

“The whole story's been a lie,” he said.

Wiping away tears, Whittington says it’s all “fabricated lies”.

“They just want to keep me quiet, honestly, they don’t want the truth to come out.”

The program has also stressed that Whittington, who spent more than 100 days behind bars, wasn’t paid a cent for the interview. They say it’s a fact that will also be discussed in the program.

The interview will air on Sunday at 8pm on Seven.

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