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Why Target Have Been Slammed For 'Body Shaming' Teenagers

Target have been forced to rethink their sizing tags, after being slammed by upset mothers who believe some of their clothing products are 'body shaming' teenagers. 

Target's 'The Future You' clothing line, which is aimed at teens, hit aussie shelves sized with extra small to large clothing labels. 


(Image: Target)

Many parents have been left concerned that the sizing range could give teenagers negative thoughts about their size. 

A mum recently complained that “This is giving our girls the message that if they are healthy they are actually extra large and that a 14-year-old girl who is developing into a woman should be trying to have the body shape of a 10-year-old."

Another mum expressed that she keeps her 11-year-old away from the range because she “walks away thinking she is fat, when she is anything but, all because she has to wear a large”.

The Butterfly Foundation's chief executive Christine Morgan told The Herald Sun“I think it’s particularly dangerous that as the girl approaches 14, 15, 16 she will be categorised as large...we know that body dissatisfaction is one of the most consistently concerning issues for young people from the age of seven and upwards.”

Target have since announced that from January the tags will be replaced with standard numbered sizing, in line with other children's wear. 

The Butterfly Foundation national helpline for people concerned about body image issues or eating disorders is 1800 334 673.

Source: The Herald Sun

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