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Teacher Caught SEVEN Times Over Legal Alcohol Limit

A Sydney school teacher has been accused of being seven times the legal alcohol limit while behind the wheel with three children in the backseat of the car.

37-year-old Anne Saab has since been charged after allegedly crashing her car in Sydney’s south at around 8am yesterday.

Police allege that Ms Saab was driving a Toyota Landcruiser along Washington Drive, Bonnet Bay when she veered onto the wrong side of the road and crashed into a parked car. The car then crossed back onto the correct side of the road and mounted the side walk.

Witnesses have said that they called police when they spotted the woman driver crawling out of the vehicle. Three children, aged nine, seven and three were also pulled from the car by neighbours.

The woman whose car was hit, Tracey Bonfante has said that she heard “an almighty crash”.

“I didn’t immediately know it was my car which was hit,” said Ms Bonfante. “The lady just sat there emotionless like she was waiting for traffic. When she did get out of the car, she walked around the back and fell in the gutter. She was walking kind of strange.

“At least she hit my car and not kids because where she ended up is actually a bus stop. The kids had just been picked up by the bus. It’s really upsetting.”

When police attended the scene, Ms Saab was given a roadside breath test which she failed. She was then arrested and taken to Sutherland Police Station where a second breath analysis returned a reading of 0.367.

Ms Saab has had her license suspended and has been charged with high-range drink-driving. She will fave Sutherland Local Court on May 3.

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