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The Aussie Freeway Merge Fail That's Dividing Facebook

Perth doesn’t have the best reputation for merging.

And if this video is anything to go by, it’s worse than we thought.

Posted to the Stirling IGA Facebook page, the vid starts off on the Cedric Street on-ramp, heading south on the Mitchell Freeway.

The dark blue car ahead approaches the freeway just fine.

Then things start to go wrong.

Even with merging arrows, the blue car seems to merge the other way, yes, left - straight into the emergency lane.

Moments later, the driver indicates right and merges back onto the actual road.

But then there’s the issue of the white van.

Does the white van give the blue car enough room to merge? Did the blue car get the yips? Was the blue car, as one commenter said, waiting for the white van to roll out the red carpet to merge?

As another commenter quipped: ‘Just another day in WA’ 

We’d love to know what you reckon.

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