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Chilling Facebook Post Of Texas Shooter Before Church Attack

It seems until America looks long and hard at its gun laws, we will keep having to write articles like this, articles that describe the horror that occurs when people who are mentally unstable are easily able to get their hands on a weapon.

We will have to continue to bury children, to hear of families torn apart by death, and people scared to live their normal lives, even doing something as pure and innocent as serving their faith.

Devin Kelley doesn’t deserve our attention, he should not be glorified for taking 26 lives in a Baptist church in Texas - but the reason for this article is not for any of that - it’s to arm people with information, so that they can do the only thing they can do until the gun laws are changed; look out for the signs.

If anyone had bothered to look at Kelley’s chequered past, which included harassment and domestic violence, they might have prevented the tragedy from occurring.


The other disturbing sign was a Facebook post by Kelley just a few days ago, which showed a photo of a rifle, and the caption, ‘She’s a bad bitch’.

Though it’s not confirmed this was the same weapon used in the attack in Texas, but it’s a sign he offered out, that wasn’t picked up by anyone.

Our thoughts are prayers go out to the families and friends of those killed and injured in the horrific tragedy, including the pregnant woman who was among the victims.

Source: Metro

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