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The Heartbreaking Warning From Mum Whose Two Girls Drowned

No parent should have to bury a child, but this week the Young family face the enormous task of saying goodbye to two young daughters. 

Taya Young, 4, and little sister Patricia, 3, were found unresponsive in the family's pool on Tuesday in Kingston. 

The girls' mother Renise Young had the arduous task of dragging the two girls out of the water when they were first discovered to begin administering first aid.

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But despite their parents and paramedics best efforts, neither could be revived. 

After many sleepless nights and flashbacks to those panic riddled moments, she has one warning to parents.

“My advice to any mother and any family out there is to not own a house with a pool,” Ms Young told The Courier Mail.

“No matter how old the kids are and how well you think you are looking after them – it is so dangerous.

“We’re tired and exhausted.

"I’m really not too good because I’m the one that pulled the girls out of the pool – I keep getting flashes – it’s horrific.”

What's more heartbreaking is that an incident like this one would not have occurred just days earlier. 

With five small children in the house, the couple regularly lock both the front and back doors to prevent such an accident from happening

But one of the locks broke just days ago, and days is all it took.

“They brought one of the chairs from their own table and chair set and used that to climb over,” she said.

“Normally we have both the back and the front doors locked, knowing that there is a pool in the back yard. The lock broke a few days ago and this is what has happened in the space of a few days.”

The family did however want to thank the outpouring of public support during this hard time. 

“Thank you to the community for their support, this has been and will continue to be a really tough time and we really do appreciate the support,” Ms Young said.

There is a public appeal to raise money for the family to help cover costs during this heartbreaking time. To donate click here.

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