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The Huge Problem With The New iPhone That Will Affect Us All

Now, we love an iPhone announce more than ever.

And today is a great day for an iPhone announce, as there is three of them.

Say hello to the iPhone 8 and 8s.


And the iPhone X.


The iPhone 8 is the next incremental upgrade for Apple but the X (pronounced Ten) will see a whole new product line added for the company.

A quick inside of the X, there is no home button, a jazzed up camera, a glass back (for wireless charging) and a new incredible display.

However, there is one major issue. In Australia, it will retail between $1579 to $1879 depending on your storage.

And this is where problems are going to start, most Australians get their iPhones on contracts and currently, a top of the line iPhone retails for around $899 which gives us a high-end month contract of around $100-$120.

Unfortunately for Australian’s, it means that the iPhone X, with its $1,800 price tag, is going to be between $180-$200 a MONTH on a contract on the major three networks.

That’s a whole lot of cash.

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