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New Development Could PROVE Cassie Sainsbury's Story

Australian authorities have confirmed that they are actively looking for the mystery man that could prove Cassie Sainsbury's story.

The South Australian has maintained that she was blackmailed into carrying almost six kilos of cocaine by an international drug syndicate, but "Angelo" has so far remained elusive.

A statement released by the AFP on Sunday, however, revealed that they are liaising with Colombian authorities to further investigate the lead.

"The prosecutor is sure that this person is real, is a Colombian person and is in the country at this time," Sainsbury's lawyer Orlando Herran told 7 News.

The development comes just days after Mr Herran confirmed that he is seeking a new plea deal that could see his client released in 18 months.

It's believed that the judge presiding over Cocaine Cassie's case has tentatively accepted a deal of six years which, with good behaviour and time served, would see Cassie freed by 2019.

The official sentencing hearing will take place next Wednesday, November 1.

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