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The Last Brisbane Video Store Is Closing Its Doors

Streaming has killed the video store! 

Brisbane's last video shop will close its doors today (February 14 2018), marking the end of an era.

Oxley's Network Video store on Oxley Station Road, has been run by Brenton Snell, 33, for the past eight years.

Speaking to Bianca, Terry and Bob on Brisbane's 973FM, Brenton told the co-hosts that watching a movie has "gone from an event to a consumer item".

For most of us, getting a video at the local video store meant a night in with the family spending quality time together. Now, you're more likely to watch things on your own and in your own time.

If the video store has disappeared, so have those pesky fees. The biggest overdue amount that Brenton had ever seen was just over $1000!

"It took a little bit of effort, probably about a year [overdue]," he said.

While it's an end of an era, we can still benefit from the shop closing down.

Head on over to Oxley on Saturday 17 February for their CLOSING DOWN SALE! You never know what gem you might find!

Network Video Oxley Station
Shop 4, 121 Oxley Station Rd
Oxley, Queensland, Australia
(07) 3379 9709

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