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Phone Call Scam Targeting THOUSANDS Of Unsuspecting Aussies

It's the simple scam quickly gaining traction in Australia, with unsuspecting targets unaware that they've been tricked.

But the ACCC's ScamWatch is warning anyone who has missed a phone call from a number in Cameroon to resist the temptation to ring back - or face the expensive consequences.

The scam takes aim on the curious; tricksters place short calls to Australian mobile numbers before quickly hanging up, leaving behind a notification of a missed call.

As is usually habit, targets then automatically try to return the call which charges an increased rate-per-minute and racks up a hefty phone bill.

Unfortunately you won't even notice that it's happened until you receive your next bill.

NewsHub reported a similar scam taking place in New Zealand earlier this year, with the hoax calls originating from Japan.

The only wait to beat the trick is to never return a call to a number you don't know - especially one claiming to be from Cameroon.

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