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The Moment That Brought Bec Hewitt To Tears

As an Aussie, no doubt you’ve been supporting Lleyton Hewitt in his singles match efforts after news that he would be retiring.

We really wanted a win for Lleyton and but alas, last night he went down to Spaniard David Ferrer.

The crowd awarded the Aussie legend with a standing ovation, but it was a revelation from his conqueror that really surprised everyone.

The only piece of tennis memorabilia he has in his house besides his own is a shirt he had Hewitt sign seven years ago.


“He’s one of the best players in history and I have to tell you that ... I don’t have idols, but Lleyton is my idol,” said Ferrer.

“I have a shirt signed by him seven years ago … it’s the only t-shirt of a tennis player I have.

“He’s an amazing player.

“He deserves everything. Tonight is the day for him, not for me.”

However, the moment that will really stand out in our minds, is a photo of his wife, Bec Hewitt, wiping tears from her eyes after his three children walked out to greet him on the court, each accepting a kiss from their proud father.

He also thanked Bec with a touching message, “You’re my rock,” he said. “I love you so much.”

Source: news.com.au

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