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The ONE Product That's Being Linked To Baby Deaths

There have been links made between 10 baby deaths in America, to products that are currently being sold in Australian pharmacies.

The US Food And Drug Administration released a warning last month that Hyland's homepathic teething tablets had inconsistant amounts of a substance called belladonna, which they have called toxic.

Belladonna is also used as a recreational drug because of the hallucinations it can cause.

The Administration has urged all parents to dispose of all tablets and to seek urgent medical care if their children had symptoms such as seizures and had problems breathing.

Even though the FDA has issued a safety alert for these products, the Theraputic Goods Administration in Australia found no quality issues, and said that no action would be taken.

Hyland, the company who make the products in question, have listed multiple pharmacies that currently stock their products in Australia.

A member from the Australian Skeptics group, who has been looking into the issue, has said that we was concerned that the Australian testing done on the products has been inadequate.

"I'm concerned parents may be gambling with their babies' health."

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