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The Scary Statistic About Drivers On Queensland Roads

Motoring body the RACQ says it's disturbing that almost a quarter of million people have been caught driving on Queensland roads without a valid licence since 2010.

Using figures obtained from the Department of Transport and Main Roads, the RACQ claims there have been 239,000 people caught driving without a valid licence between January 2010 and October, 2015.

Of those caught, 2850 had never held a licence.

RACQ spokeswoman Renee Smith says Queensland police are doing a great job in detecting offences but the massive number of people breaking the law is a serious problem.

"These people are thumbing their noses at the law and posing a great risk on our roads," she told AAP.

"Some of these people had never even passed a licence test."

Ms Smith did not want to buy into whether the government needed to increase the penalties for driving without a valid licence or if courts were handing out strong enough penalties to deter people from getting behind the wheel.

"While police officers are doing their best to identify and apprehend these drivers, we urge them to do whatever they can to get unlicensed motorists off the roads," she said.


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