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There's A New Supermarket Coming Down Under And It's Cheap

German discount store Lidl has applied for trademarks for hundreds of products as it looks set to open in Australia.

Lidl has, according to Fairfax media, been talking to the Victorian government about permits as well as reaching out to suppliers to secure contracts.

Lidl has applied for thousands of trademarks since the year 2000 but in 2016 it has applied for dozens, including Sir Edward Tea, Oatilicious and Sweet Corner.

Last year, Lidl applied for dozens more trademarks including Lidl Phone, Lidl Connect and The Crafty Brewing Company.

Russell Zimmerman, director for Australian Retailers Association, told Fairfax media: "As an industry association, we would not be surprised if in due course Lidl made a foray into the Australian market."

Lidl commented in June that is had ‘no current plans’ to launch in Australia but Aldi chiefs are saying you can ‘’never say never.’

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