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There's A Snake Hiding In This Photo... But WHERE?!

If snakes give you the heebie jeebies, may we recommend leaving now? Because this is going to get creepy.

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers have played one of their interesting but somewhat frightening "Spot the Snake" games, leaving pretty much everyone scratching their head.

The expert snake handlers uploaded a photo of what looks like twigs and branches to their Facebook page before informing followers that there was actually a slithery surprise hiding there.

"Alright guys, it's time for another spot the snake!" they captioned the otherwise ordinary shot. "Extra points for those that can name the species!!"

Luckily for confused commenters - and us, if we're being honest - one eagle-eyed follower not only found the snake but was able to identify it too.

"Keelback," Paul Dowd wrote, adding a circled version of the photo.


It's of some comfort that the keelback is a non-venomous variety of snake, although it does look eerily similar to the deadly eastern brown.

We're still going to be very, very careful when hanging around any collection of sticks from now on, though.


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