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These Are The Locations Of Queensland’s Speed Cameras

The location of Queensland’s mobile speed cameras have been released by the Government in a bid to educate drivers.

The information has been made available on the Queensland Government’s Data website and reveals there are nearly 4,000 locations across the state.

While the document doesn’t pinpoint the exact locations, it reveals the roads and suburbs where drivers should be aware they could be snapped.

According to Inspector Neal White of the Road Safety Command, it’s hoped that by making the data available people will slow down in those areas.

Talking to The Brisbane Times, he said 25 per cent of last year’s road toll was the result of speeding drivers.

"Around half of those speed fatalities happened at around 10 kilometres per hour over the speed limit. Speeding at any level is dangerous," he said.

According to Government statistics, speeding was to blame for 62 fatalities in Queensland last year. The total road toll was 243.

As of May 31 this year, 23 of the 97 fatalities in Queensland were the result of speeding.

Photo: AAP

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