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THIS Is What Happened To Battle-Scarred Syrian Boy

Last night, you probably saw a heart-wrenching video of a little boy covered in blood and dirt being lifted into an ambulance after being caught in an airstrike.

He has become a symbol of Syria’s ugly conflict.

Five-year-old Omran Daqneesh was photographed in the back of an ambulance on Wednesday night, after being extracted from a pile of rubble that used to be his home in the city of Aleppo.

Wiping the blood from his head and wiping it on the seat like a child would, it became very clear how innocent lives are being caught up in the conflict.

At the time it was unclear if the boy’s family had been killed in the attack, however now the ABC has reported that Omran’s parents found him alive inside the ambulance not long after the footage was taken.

A nurse who treated Omran said that the little boy was suffering from shock and had sat silent in the back of the ambulance in complete silence with the exception of one question, where was his mother and father?

Abu Rajab, from the Syrian American Medical Society, told the ABC Omran's parents soon appeared, relieved but rattled.

"Only then once Omran saw them did he start crying," Rajab said. Omran was treated for head wounds, and has now been discharged.

Source: 9 News

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