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THIS Is What Will Happen to Gunman’s Mandalay Bay Room 32135

Room 32135 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas served as the location where Stephen Paddock chose to carry out the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history.

Although an official statement hasn’t been released on the future of the $644-per-night room, experts have speculated what will happen with it.

“From my opinion, the room disappears,” said Anthony Melchiorri, host of television series Hotel Impossible, to Business Insider.

Melchiorri added that, if he were running the resort, the room would no longer be available to book.

He suggested the hotel go so far as to have the doors sealed up and never reopened.

Others suggested the suite be completely renovated, as other hotels have done when someone died in a hotel room.

Sunil Atreya, an associate professor at the College of Hospitality Management at Johnson and Wales University, has worked in management for Marriott and Holiday Inn hotels in the US.

He said the room would likely be gutted, refurbished and renumbered, at a minimum, or transformed into something else entirely, like storage space or a boardroom.

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