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This Aussie School Is About To Change EVERYTHING

A new school in the Yarra Valley could soon be opened, and it will be encouraging kids with ‘creative education’ that will see them disciplining themselves.

The School of Cultural Creativity in Cockatoo would let primary school students direct their learning using “creative practices” including self-contemplation, self-direction, self-governance and self-motivation in farm and studio environments.

Founder and teacher Jane MacDonald said she hops the school will be open in 2018 on the site of the  Montessori School, which closed in 2013.

Ms MacDonald said that so far 65 students had pre-enrolled and another 120 had expressed interest.

“Many of them are struggling in a mainstream environment and find themselves bored,” she said.

“This is designed for children who need a more creative approach to learning.”

The school will be referred to as  Maxwell Primary School and would adhere to the national curriculum “but implement that through the creative process”.

Parents would have to fork out around $3500 a year for the school, but they would be eligible for government funding.

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