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This Sydney Concierge Has Written Off A $100,000 Porsche

IMAGE: @jonobozo

A hotel concierge at Sydney's Hyatt Regency Hotel has been involved in a spectacular, and most importantly, injury free accident outside the luxury hotel.

The concierge has somehow driven a Porsche Carrera under a parked SUV outside the Darling Harbour hotel.

Emergency workers had to cut the driver out of the $100,000 car as a large crowd watched on during Sydney's morning rush.

NSW Police were called to the hotel at about 8:20am.

The hotel's director of sales and marketing, Matthew Talbot said , "We've worked very quickly to secure the area. Obviously it's an interesting looking picture,"

"We've got the fire brigade and the police on the scene as soon as we could and the vehicle was on the bottom on the other one."

"They had to cut part of the car away and pull the staff member out."

A witness told the ABC: "I heard this revving and this bang and turned around and the Porsche was literally underneath this other car. It was crazy."

Another witness, Jonathon Bayle, said: "When I first saw this I thought it was being shot for a TV show or a movie, but apparently it's real."

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