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Thousands Of Day-Old Chickens Killed In Truck Crash In NSW

A truck carrying over 100,000 day-old chickens has crashed in the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales early yesterday morning.

Hundreds of crates carrying the baby chicks were ejected from the semi-trailer after it rolled six metres down an embankment and landed upside down in a paddock on Burley Griffen Way near Yass at 1:20 am on Monday morning.

Clean-up efforts took around 12 hours and initial reports said that around 25,000 chicks that had only been born on Easter Sunday were killed during the accident.

A replacement truck was brought in to transport the surviving chicks to Griffith at 4pm yesterday.

“It’s been a long and eventful day,” said Yass Valley Council work construction co-ordinator Bruce Turner. “There was so many of them getting around. We had to put the crates up to stop them running the road. Accidents happen. We did save a lot more than expected.”

Officers from the Hume Police District attended the scene and are working to uncover what caused the accident. The 30-year-old driver of the truck was taken to Yass Hospital with minor injuries where her underwent mandatory testing.

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