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It's Going To Be An Absolute SCORCHER This Week Australia

It's only been Summer for just over a week and already we've seen weather from pretty much every single season in a matter of days.

We've gone from simmering sunny days, to extreme winds, freezing cold nights, flash-flooding rain and even hail in some parts of the country.

So if you're after some consistency with our weather system we do have some good news for you, this coming week is going to be pretty much the same each day - hot, hot, and even HOTTER, with an intense heatwave expected to sweep across Australia.

Sydney can expect to see the mercury soar with average temperatures of 30C predicted all week round. The hottest day is set to be Thursday with Sydney's west expecting high's of 40C and mid 30s in the city.

Melbourne is set to be even hotter with dry winds bringing the temperature up into the high 30s every day this week with no relief in sight until Friday.

And it just keeps getting hotter! Adelaide and surrounding cities in South Australia are expected to receive the brunt of the heat with temperatures set to soar above 40C on most days.

Temperatures in Brisbane won't be as hot as the rest of the country this week with an average of high 20s on the cards.

However, those who aren't too keen on a scorching Summer will be happy to hear that the heat is only making a quick visit, with a nationwide cool-off expected to bring temperatures down to the mid to high 20s around Friday.

So if you're going to be out and about in the sun this week Australia remember to slip, slop, slap and drink plenty of water! And if you're planning to wait out the heat inside, get those aircons and fans ready. They're going to get one heck of a workout this week.

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