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Horrific Circumstances Leading Up To Toddler Mason's Death

In the week leading up to abused toddler Mason Jet Lee's death, those meant to take care of him did nothing to get him help, a Queensland court has heard.

The 21-month-old suffered severe injuries from head to toe just before he died at a Caboolture home on June 11.

He had been living with his mother Anne-Maree Lee, stepfather Andrew O'Sullivan and family friend Ryan Robert Hodson.

All three have been charged with manslaughter.

Hodson, 17, wept as he was denied bail in the Caboolture Magistrates Court on Monday on the grounds he was an unacceptable flight risk.

The court heard Hodson refused on multiple occasions to get Mason medical help when asked.

Hodson allegedly told one person who said the toddler needed to see a doctor to "f*** your mouth up, it's not our business, it's not our problem".

He also allegedly told another person that he wouldn't take Mason to see a doctor because he "wasn't his child".

The court heard Hodson was captured on CCTV verbally abusing the child on three occasions leading up to his death.

On separate occasions Hodson told Mason "you walk like a spastic, hurry up and grab your f***ing bottle" and "shut up c*** or I'm going to hit you in the head".

Police prosecutor Aaron Murray said Mason suffered widespread injuries including scarring and bruising to his legs, abdomen and head.

The connective tissue between his scalp and skull had also been torn indicating his hair had been pulled.

Specifically, police allege Mason died as a result of inflammation from a ruptured small intestine but who caused the fatal injury is not known.

His mother Lee looked scared and weak when she was denied bail in Toowoomba Magistrates Court on Monday.

The court heard Lee probably should have been aware of her son's poor condition but had limited access to him.

In refusing bail, Magistrate Graham Lee, of no relation, found there was an unacceptable risk of the 27-year-old not appearing at future court dates.

The court also heard police were concerned Lee could interfere with witnesses if released.

Mason's stepfather, Andrew O'Sullivan, also remains in custody after not applying for bail during his brief appearance in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Saturday.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says the court must deliver justice for the toddler.

"It is absolutely horrific what happened to Mason Lee and we now have the situation where not one, not two, three adults have been charged. Now I want the courts to do their job and bring about justice," Ms Palaszczuk said on Monday.


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