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Two Hospitalised After Deliberate Brisbane House Fire

Four people have escaped after three men set fire to their home in Brisbane's southeast.

The men smashed a window and poured accelerant into the Mackenzie house late on Wednesday before igniting it and escaping in a car, police said.

A man and a woman inside the home were transported to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, two other occupants were not injured, while the fire was contained to the front room of the house.

A Gold Coast mother has pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of her four-year-old son Tyrell Cobb in May 2009.

Heidi Strbak remains on bail in order to prepare for her three-day contested sentencing hearing in the Brisbane Supreme Court next week.

Her defence barrister Gregory McGuire told the court on Wednesday Strbak pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the basis of criminal negligence.

But crown prosecutor Phil McCarthy said it would be argued Strbak was the author of the blunt force trauma that caused her son's death.

Strbak's plea comes a month after her ex-partner Matthew Scown was sentenced to four years' jail for manslaughter but walked from court, having already spent two years and eight months in custody.

A majority of Australians support the Turnbull government's decision to drug-test welfare recipients.

A Newspoll published in The Australian shows 73 per cent support the reform impacting 5000 Newstart or Youth Allowance applicants, with 19 per cent against.

Coalition voters were most in favour, at 89 per, followed by One Nation supporters (80 per cent), Labor voters (67 per cent) and Greens backers (50 per cent).

But federal Labor and the Greens are against the plan, arguing it will demonise recipients. The poll of 1623 voters was conducted October 26-29.

A Japanese firm wants to compensate its non-smoking workers by giving them an extra six days of leave because they don't take the breaks to smoke.

The initiative known as "Sumokyu" - wordplay using "smoke" and a Japanese word for "break" - was rolled out by a Tokyo-based online marketing consultant Piala on Sepember 1 after an employee complained about the time lost because the colleagues went smoking.

The office of the company is on the 29th floor and it takes between 10 to 15 minutes to visit the smoking zone in the lobby and return.

Some employees smoke several times a day which led to complaints, but given that much of the conversations during these breaks are related to work, the company decided it would be better to compensate non-smokers, instead of taking action against those who smoke.


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