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Unexploded World War II Bomb Found In Sydney Harbour

Two divers have made an unusual discovery while in the deep waters of Sydney Harbour, finding an unexploded World War II bomb on the ocean floor.

Diving instructor Tony Strazzari and his friend Paul Szerenga were scuba diving Thursday morning at Jones Bay, near Pyrmont, when they came across the strange device.

Mr Strazzari said that the pair were “poking about” at the bottom of the ocean when he felt the 40cm-long bomb.

He also said that they brought it back to the surface as they were concerned that a boat anchor could hit it and set it off.

Once at the surface, the men alerted police and an exclusion zone was set up at a nearby park so that military experts could examine the device.

A spokesman for NSW police has said that the bomb was not a risk to the public as it couldn’t be detonated. Military personnel took what is believed to be a three-inch mortar shell away after it was declared safe.

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