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Unprecedented Demand Leaves Shortage Of Flu Vaccine

Unexpected demand for the influenza vaccine has created a shortage of the injection Australia wide.

It’s reported that the government ordered 5.1 million doses of the flu vaccine, which is 10 per cent more than normal, but the demand for the injection is up by 30 per cent.

“According to states and territories, compared to last year, there has been a 25-30 per cent increase in demand,” said Acting Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Hobbs in a statement.

Dr Hobbs also told ABC news that the government has received an extra 1.3 million vaccines for those at risk in 2018 and they are still trying to source extra doses.

“The forecasting arrived at the 10 per cent figure and it is very important for listeners to know that the Commonwealth is working very had to source extra doses. There are 93,000 extra doses for the trivalent vaccine for the over 65s and that’s arrived already.

“In early June, there will be an extra 144,000 doses of the quadrivalent vaccine for the general population, that will arrive in early June and will be released thereafter.”

To this date, the Therapeutic Goods Administration has released 9.6 million doses of the flu injection under the immunisation program, state programs and the private market. In 2017, this number was sitting at 8.3 million doses released.

The Department of health is now working closely with suppliers to bring additional vaccines to Australia and they are constantly monitoring the availability of the medicine in states and territories.

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