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Vanessa Trump In Hospital After Contact With Unknown Matter

The daughter-in-law to President Donald Trump has been taken to a hospital in Manhattan after she came in contact with a suspicious substance.

Senior law enforcement and city officials have told NBC News that Vanessa Trump opened a suspicious letter containing the unidentified substance after it was sent to her apartment.

Vanessa was admitted to New York Presbyterian-Weill Cornell Medical Centre along with three other people at the residence on Monday strictly as a precaution.

The letter is believed to have been addressed to her husband, Donald Trump Jr., who is the eldest son of the President of the United States.

The NYPD have confirmed that they believe the substance is non-hazardous, however it has been taken into a lab to undergo further testing.

There is currently no indication that anyone has suffered any injuries. President Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, has spoken out in a statement saying, ”How disturbed must a person be to do what they did to a mother of five children?”

“This dangerous and reckless act goes beyond political differences.”

More as we get it.

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