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Virgin Australia Bans Woman For Life After Racist Rant

A woman has been ‘banned for life’ from flying with Virgin Australia after she was filmed hurling unprovoked racist abuse at a family during a flight.

The racist attack occurred during a flight between Sydney and Fiji, and was filmed by other passengers on board.

In the video obtained by Channel 9, the woman is seen screaming “f--- off! You’re a f------ Muslim!” to the family traveling beside her.

Reports from other passengers suggest that she’d been drinking vodka during the flight.

The video captures the woman slurring her words while her embarrassed son attempts to cover her mouth and restrain her from speaking.

“Are you f------ kidding me? I’ve done nothing wrong. I’m sitting here.”

“Now we’re a minority.”

"So you’re not worried about those that chop people’s heads off? Wow.”

“But that’s okay, that’s okay,” she says sarcastically.

The family caught up in the racist attack, told channel 9, "for her to sit there and accuse us of being Muslim terrorists and associating us with those people, who are just the minority that do those things, it was offensive to us."

Once the flight landed in Nadi, the woman was escorted off the plan by Fijian authorities.

Virgin Australia has since released this statement regarding the incident:

"Virgin Australia takes the safety of our guests and our crew very seriously. On board Virgin Australia flight VA 181 from Sydney to Nadi on 4 May 2017, a passenger acted in an inappropriate manner towards other passengers and our crew."

"The matter is now in the hands of the Fijian authorities and out of respect for the privacy of our passengers and our crew, it would be inappropriate to provide any further details."


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