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We've Got Our First Look At Emma Watson As Belle & OMFG

You guys, we're frothing.

We've been giddy with excitement ever since the news broke that Disney were doing a live action remake of Beauty and the Beast, starring none other than actual real life princess Emma Watson.

The teaser trailer dropped a couple of months ago - and only got us more riled up - but even though we got a pretty decent look at the ~sparkling~ and ~mysterious~ rose, we couldn't see anything of Belle.

But now, and we'll take a drumroll please, our first official glimpse at Ms Watson in that glorious yellow dress is here - and she's STUNNING.

Look at Beast's HORNS!!

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how GD incredible Emma looks?

We're taking bets that the costume department nabs themselves an Oscar nom or two for this one.

A couple of fan accounts have gotten their hands on all nine images, and it just gets better; the library? Belle's library? Breathtaking.

Eurgh March 2017 can't come quick enough!

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