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What Maria Sharapova Left Out Of Her Public Confession

The other day we heard news that Maria Sharapova had tested positive to a drug test at the Australian Open.

You may see the name ‘Lance Armstrong’ flash across your face, but the fact is, you do need to hear all the facts first.

The truth is, Sharapova has been taking Meldonium/Mildronate for years in order to combat magnesium deficiency and due to a family history of diabetes.

However, there has been much talk of the medication being somewhat unnecessary, and that perhaps a daily banana could achieve the same result.

Obviously it’s ridiculous to try and understand her medical history, but that doesn’t stop people from saying it.

The thing we cannot forget, however, is that the substance Sharapova chose to address her health concerns just happens to be a performance enhancing drug.

To put it in context, here is what one review of the effects of Meldonium on exercise performance found, according to a report on the Daily Telegraph:

* Decreased levels of lactate and urea in blood

* Improved economy of glycogen: level of glycogen increased in the cells during the long-lasting exercise

* Increased endurance properties and aerobic capabilities of athletes

* Improved functional parameters of heart activity

* Increased physical work capabilities

* Increased rate of recovery after maximal and sub-maximal loads

Source: Daily Telegraph

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