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Why Australia Is About To Experience The Worst Traffic EVER

Australians, get ready for the worst traffic in HISTORY. 

Driving around the cities of Australia in the last month has been dreamlike. 

With most city dwellers dispersed overseas, down peninsulas, on the coast or at farms, there were far less cars on the road. 

However on Friday, students will slowly start returning to school.

In 2016, 43,0000 MORE kids are off to school and VERY few will be riding or walking. So, more cars on the road (and good luck if you're entering school drop off area). 

Additionally unemployment in Australia is lower than last year at 5.8 percent and our population is higher. So, 350,000 MORE people have jobs. 

The bad news hasn't stopped yet... Australia's bought a record number of new cars last year - 1.2 million. 

There are more and more cars and our roads just aren't ready for them! 

With Australia's population growing very steadily, there needs to be better public transport options. 

For now, try to resist the urge to flip the bird, scream or get out and yell at bad drivers... you'll only make the traffic worse! 

If you're stuck in traffic and reading this on your phone... EYES ON THE ROAD!! 

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