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Why We're Being Urged To Boycott Our Favourite Ice Creams

Just as we were getting super amped about slamming down Paddle Pops, Golden Gaytimes and Magnums over summer, the union representing Streets ice-cream factory workers is urging a boycott.

Here’s what we know.

Factory workers raised concerns with the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union about the threat of a significant pay cut if Unilever, the company which owns Streets, proceeded with an application to terminate the current enterprise agreement.

This would, Fairfax reported, force workers back to the award.

If the call to boycott sounds vaguely familiar, you’d be right.

It’s exactly like the one imposed on beer giant Carlton and United Breweries in 2016 during a long-running industrial dispute. The public supported the move, boycotting products like Carlton Draught, Carlton Dry, VB, Crown Lager and Pure Blonde.

And the union aren’t kidding when they say the pay cut would be ‘significant’.

AMWU secretary Steve Murphy told Fairfax that the difference between existing wages and those offered under the relevant award would result in a 46 percent pay cut.

Unilever said it needed to create more flexible working conditions and enhance the competitiveness and viability of the factory in the longer term.

Earlier this month, however, Unilever said the union’s claim of a 46 percent cut had "no basis in fact".


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