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Hospital Shame: Woman Given Chemo Only To Discover No Cancer

A woman wrongly diagnosed with late-stage liver cancer went through highly-invasive chemotherapy only to learn she was misdiagnosed.

A NSW surgeon misdiagnosed the woman with stage-four cancer after failing to carry out extra tests on tumours in her liver, The Daily Telegraph reports.

She was put on a six-month course of chemotherapy at an undisclosed NSW hospital after an oncologist also failed to check the surgeon’s diagnosis.

It was only after the tumours failed to respond to treatment and the woman had toxic levels of chemotherapy drugs in her system that doctors ordered further testing and realised they were benign.

The error, was highlighted in the latest Health Care Commission report, which also showed a 47 per cent rise in healthcare complaints in the five years Jillian Skinner (pictured) has been Health ­Minister.

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