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Woman’s Terrifying Uber Trip Captured On Dash Cam

The moment a female Uber driver was terrified by her young male passengers has been captured on dash cam.

Susan Moss was booked to take her male passengers from Broadbeach Waters to Surfer’s Paradise on Saturday night.

It was a trip of just 4km at 6pm at night.

Things get awkward early on as the passengers joke they’re going out for a night of “drugs and alcohol”.

“Everything in my brain was just going ‘end the trip’. I was feeling uncomfortable,” she told Nine News Brisbane.

Things quickly began to escalate, so when the passengers suggested they walk instead she pulls over.

While the front passenger tries to get out, his friends in the back become increasingly agro as they try to intimidate them.

The cancer survivor then attempted to call police as one of the men tries to hang up her phone from the back.

After two minutes her phone went flat and her call unanswered. Police say it was a connection issue with her telecommunications provider.

The passengers are shown walking off down the road.

While police are still investigating if the passengers can be charge for an offence, Uber says the passenger who made the booking may be banned.

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