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Woman Suing VicRoads After Being Hit By Road Sign

A woman who cheated death when a giant sign fell on top of her car on the Tullamarine Freeway has hired lawyers to sue for compensation. 

53-year-old Nella Lettieri was left bruised and battered after a five-by-four metre sign completely crushed her car.

The incident, which occurred near Essendon Airport on January 8th during peak hour,  left the mother traumatised and terrified of driving. 

"It felt like a roller door had slammed shut in front of me," she told ABC. "I've gone to swerve, but as I swerved, it just felt like the sign was actually falling on the car... And it just kept bouncing, and I felt like it was pushing me to the right, and I'm thinking, 'OK, is it going to stop?'"

While the 53-year-old initially thought the metal object may have been from a plane landing or taking off from the nearby Essendon Airport, she was shocked to discover it was actually an overhead sign.

Lettieri wants VicRoads and Transurban held accountable after it was revealed a missing safety plate had caused the sign to fall. 

"A stiffening plate that should've been in the gantry, was not in the gantry," Robyn Seymour from VicRoads told 9News.

"How does it happen?" Lettieri said.

"If I was in a third world country ... but here in Australia where we are so strict?"

A final report from the investigation could still be up to two months’ away.

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