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X Factor Host Luke Jacobz Caught Drink Driving!

Luke Jacobz is the quintessential Aussie guy everybody seems to love.

However, he's become the centre of attention for all the wrong reasons after being arrested for mid-range drink driving.

The 34-year-old was breath-tested by police after he was pulled over while driving a Toyota four-wheel-drive down ANZAC Parade in Moore Park at around 11am on May 31.

The breath test allegedly returned a blood-alcohol reading of .116.

According to a report on SMH, court documents state that this is Jacobz' second drink-driving offence.

The KIIS office has obtained a statement from Luke Jacobz regarding the matter.

I couldn’t be more regretful and apologetic.

My decision to drive my car the morning after a late dinner with friends is a wake-up call for me that the effects of alcohol stay in our bodies longer than we realise.

I thought I would be ok to drive but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I made a bad decision and I apologise to the court and the police for taking up their time on this matter.

I’m 100% behind the .05 campaigns and I’m astounded to find myself in this position.

We have been told that Jacobz has not yet been charged for drink-driving and his case has been adjourned until July 15, at which time he is expected to enter a plea.

Source: SMH

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