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You May Soon Be Able To Get To The Coast Within 45 MIns

A proposed multi-billion dollar fast rail line that could take passengers from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast in just 45 minutes has been shortlisted for funding by the Turnbull government.

The proposed high-speed rail line would slash hours off the return journey and has the backing of the Liberal National Party's 26 federal Queensland MPs.

The line is the only Queensland project to progress to stage 2 assessment as part of the federal government's $10 billion national rail program.

Fairfax MP Ted O'Brien said the infrastructure would broaden employment and study opportunities and enable varied lifestyle choices.

He said connecting the new Maroochydore CBD development and new Sunshine Coast international airport to fast rail would deliver huge economic and social benefits to the region.

"It would open up tourism options and further reduce congestion on the Bruce Highway.

"And, of course, it provides a dream opportunity to revitalise the town of Nambour."

Mr O'Brien said the business case would investigate taking fast rail firstly from Brisbane through to Nambour and then to the coast via the Caboolture to Maroochydore line.

Urban Infrastructure Minister Paul Fletcher is expected to announce which projects will progress to stage three assessment, which will involve a detailed business case, next month.

The Queensland government says it is yet to see details of the proposal and has warned additional rail infrastructure would suffer without its flagship $5 billion Cross River Rail project.

"The LNP need to understand none of these proposed new rail lines will work without Cross River Rail to open up the network," a state government spokesman said.

"The only way extra capacity on the Sunshine Coast can work is if there are no bottlenecks further down the line.

"The way you ensure that is with Cross River Rail, which the federal government refused to support."


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