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You Won't Believe How An Aussie Man Escaped A Bali Prison

Four men, including one Australian man have escaped a Bali prison via an underground tunnel.

Like the famous movie Shawshank Redemption, the men appear to have dug their way out. Guards found the men missing and will allege they escaped through a 40cm tunnel behind the jail’s clinic.

While the details surrounding how the men escaped is unclear, ironically the tunnel was near the guard tower.

“We are still working to chase them. We have also made a report to the police,” Mr Pasaribu said.

“We found that they have gone this morning. We found a hole behind the clinic to the outside, underground. We allege that they escape through the underground hole,” he said.

The missing Australian man is Shaun Edward Davidson, from Perth who was serving a 12-month sentence after being convicted in September last year of using fraudulent travel documents.

A Bulgarian, an Indian and a Malaysian prisoner, were also found missing. 

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