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THIS Is Where Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Will Live

Meghan Markle is living every girl's ultimate childhood fantasy. She met a Prince, fell in love and now they're getting married.

After weeks of rumours and speculation we finally heard the official announcement from His Royal Highness last night that the pair are engaged and that we can expect to see a Spring wedding in 2018.

And while Meghan's received the complete Royal treatment up to this point, the clothes, the events and MY GOSH that ring!!...We were a little surprised to see where she would be living with her Prince before they tie the knot.

And just an FYI, while it may be on the grounds of Kensington Palace, it's not exactly a Castle...


In fact, Nottingham Cottage is being described as modest, private and one of the smallest homes in Kensington Palace.

Though it may not be as luxurious as some of the other properties owned by the Royal family, we're betting that it's better than anything we could ever dream to own, featuring a kitchen, bathroom, living room, two bedrooms and a rooftop garden.


And you just know that the decor would be absolutely devine having been remodeled by Christopher Wren, the same guy that designed St Paul's Cathedral.

Since being purchased in 1989 by King William III and Queen Mary II, the cottage has been occupied by many members of the royal family including George I, George II, Princess Margaret and Harry's mother, Princess Diana. Harry has also lived there for the past four years.

While at first it didn't really seem like the place for a Prince and future Princess (or Duchess?) to live, it seems that it's tradition as the cottage was also home to Prince William and Kate Middleton after their engagement.

And of course, like Will and Kate, there is always the possibility that Harry and Meghan will move to a larger residence after their Spring wedding next year.

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