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Bec Explains Why Chris Judd Ended Up Face Down In A Laneway

Bec and Chris Judd are the ultimate fitness couple goals.

A model / announcer and a former footy veteran in (near) peak physical shape.

While Chris hung up the boots a number of years ago, it seems some of the footy club habits still haven’t left.

So, after he hurt his back and ended up with a disk bulge – after helping a delivery man move the couch of all things – he automatically went into rehab mode.

While that seems all well and good, it did result in some strange behaviour when the couple went out for a nice dinner with friends over the weekend…

“We went out for dinner on Saturday night, he disappeared in the middle of a lovely dinner in beautiful Flinders Lane in Melbourne,” Bec explained.

My boy @cjayfive in @nextofficial_au 💯 #djsracing

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“He takes off out the front door and comes back five minutes later I’m like ‘mate, where did you go? The toilet is the other way? What’s going on!’”

CJ: ‘Oh I just had to go and stretch my back’

BJ: ‘What!? You went and you lied down somewhere in the city!?’

CJ: ‘Yeah, down that little laneway’

“If you know Melbourne it’s full of these amazing laneways. So he went and he was doing these planks down Hozier lane,” Bec continued.

Strong crew! @ezardmelbourne

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“If anyone saw my husband in Hozier Lane on his tummy planking on Saturday night it was because he had a disk bulge.”

When he returned to dinner he reportedly explained his absence but that wasn’t the last of it.

Turns out another friend at the table had also hurt their back recently so the pair returned to the laneway half an hour later to continue stretching out their injuries.

So – if you did in fact see the former Brownlow medallist lying on the ground in a Melbourne Laneway on the weekend, we promise it was for the best of reasons! 

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